Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How did they KNOW??

So, I'm just reading one of my various online comic strips today, when my eye happened to catch the following advertisements at the bottom of the page:

Now, from what (admittedly) little I understand, I thought these ads were dynamic and were generated by the content of the page you're viewing. So if you were on a message board about video games, for example, you'd see ads for gaming magazines and super-caffeinated beverages. And probably porn. Then again, they advertise porn on pretty much every webpage - it's universal!

These ads, I am proud to say, were most definitely NOT generated by the page I was viewing. I don't read any comics about offing East Coasters, nor anthropomorphic animal interactions. As far as targeted marketing goes, this one was a dud. Perhaps they need to hire someone from the French Ministry of Defense? (If this reference is lost on you, then I think you need to pay more attention to my previous entries, especially since there's only 3. Or buy some Ritalin, ADD-boy/girl.)

Or perhaps I'm severely mistaken, and dynamic web marketing has progressed light years in sophistication... After all, I just so happen to be a maritimer! In truth, I am from that remarkably trapezoidal-shaped province that boasts both the world's largest lobster statue and the world's longest covered bridge! Has the entity known only as "Ads by Google" perfected some sort of technology, nay - sorcery, that can cross the vast virtual span of the interweb and peer directly into my mind, and see that I grew up not 15 minutes away from Magnetic Hill?

If so, then this could have dire implications for me - maybe I should be looking up childhood friends to see if any have eaten fatally poisonous fiddleheads lately? Or maybe I have a subconscious yearning to dress up as a squirrel and nibble on nuts?

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